I just moved to the area.
What do I need on my first visit?

Please bring any previous vet records, including vaccination history and any treatment notes that you feel are relevant to your visit. If your pet has been on heartworm medication, you may want to bring the box. If you'd like to e-mail us (eldoradovet@gmail.com) your previous vet records, we can have all the information input into our system before your first appointment. You may also fax us your records for input at (972) 529-9657.

Puppy & Kitten Related

Your new puppy and kitten's first visit with us is very important. The initial exam will help to determine the health of the pet and if there are any problems to be aware of.  Your puppy and kitten's immune system is immature and it takes time to develop antibodies against disease.  We feel your pet's initial vaccines are the most important inoculations your pet will receive.  We typically begin with 8 week inoculations followed by 12 and 16 week boosters to build immunity. Most pets produce antibodies to the diseases they are vaccinated for within two weeks.  Ranging from 20% immunity by the 1st vaccination to 80% immunity by the last vaccination.

Spaying & Neutering

We recommend spaying and neutering your pet by 6 months of age.  This is to prevent unwanted heat cycles and undesirable behavioral traits.  Studies have shown spaying females prior to the first heat cycle significantly reduces mammary cancer later in life.  Here at Eldorado Animal Hospital we use a laser as its number one surgical option.  The laser results in less pain, less bleeding and less swelling for your pet.

What is laser surgery?
How is it different than traditional surgery?

What kinds of payment options do you have?

We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We also now accept contactless pay ie. Apple Pay. We DO NOT accept American Express or Care Credit. paymentoptions

What kinds of animals do you see?

  • Dr. Thomson treats dogs, cats, and small animals/exotics. He will also do wing clips and nail trims for birds.
  • Dr. Rogers limits her practice to dogs and cats exclusively.

Do you have general information about pet health care topics?

How do I know if something is poisonous to my pet?

West Nile Virus

As you are all aware, there has been a lot of media coverage of the recent increase in confirmed cases of West Nile virus infection in the Dallas area. In addition, the decision to begin aerial spraying of insecticides over many of the cities around us, has led to anxiety for many of our clients. Q. Can West Nile virus (WNV) cause illness in dogs or cats? A. A relatively small number of WNV infected dogs and WNV infected cats have been reported to CDC. Experimentally infected dogs* showed no symptoms after infection with WNV. Some infected cats exhibited mild, nonspecific symptoms during the first week after infection--for the most part only showing a slight fever and slight lethargy. Q. Should a dog or cat infected with West Nile virus be destroyed? A. No. There is no reason to destroy an animal just because it has been infected with West Nile virus. Full recovery from the infection is likely. Treatment would be supportive and consistent with standard veterinary practices for animals infected with a viral agent. Q. Can I use insect repellent on my pets? A. DEET- based repellents, which are recommended for humans, are not approved for veterinary use (largely because animals tend to ingest them by licking.) Talk with your veterinarian for advice about the appropriate product for use on your pet. An ELISA IgM test for West Nile virus is available through Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (TVMDL). Although dogs and cats have tested positive, these animals are almost always asymptomatic. There is no evidence that West Nile virus is a significant cause of meningitis in dogs and cats.

Internet Or Catalogue Prescription Policy

At Eldorado Animal Hospital, it is our policy to take every possible step to ensure that our patients receive the very best pharmaceutical products available. This is especially important with life-threatening illnesses such as heartworm disease. Counterfeit drugs are finding their way into the hands of trusting consumers on both the human and veterinary side. Our products come with a pedigree direct from the manufacturer insuring authenticity. We keep inventory as a convenience to our clients and price it competitively. Profits from these items allow us to maintain inventory, update equipment, and uphold adequate staff. We know that several discount houses presently sell these products cheaper than we are able to. We do, however wish for your decision to be an informed one, and want you to know several things regarding these prescription sales:
  1. All major manufacturers maintain a strict policy of sales exclusively through licensed veterinarians. All discount house sales are through non-approved channels.
  2. Most manufacturers’ guarantees regarding their products are null and void if their products are purchased through non-approved channels. This includes the guarantee reimbursement programs for Novartis and Merial products. (Interceptor/Sentinel/Heartgard/Frontline/etc).
  3. Improper storage of drugs (i.e.: excessive heat) affects their performance and puts pets at risk. Pharmaceuticals manufactured and labeled for use in other countries (namely Australia) have been illegally diverted and sold through these discount houses in the United States.
  4. Discount houses have been cited by the FDA and State Boards of Pharmacy for violating prescribing procedures. PetMedExpress (a.k.a. SaveMax), in particular, was recently fined over $100,000 by the FDA and Florida Department of Health. PetMeds was also sued by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and the Texas Pharmacy Board for $50,000 and placed on a 3 year probationary period.
  5. Purchases made through our Hospital allow you immediate access to our professional staff to answer any questions.
If you prefer to purchase your products at discount houses, we will write prescriptions for these products according to the following guidelines:
  1. We will not become involved in any product failure from purchases through these discount houses. This includes, but is not limited to: flea, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention. All state and federal prescribing laws apply the same as if you purchase it here.
  2. Prescriptions are written only if there is an existing Doctor/patient relationship.
  3. You must pick up your prescription in person (we are unable to mail or fax prescriptions). If this prescription is lost or filled improperly by the discount house, additional copies will be provided to you at a bookkeeping fee of ten dollars. (Only applies to those products prescribed on an annual basis, namely heartworm/flea prevention medication.)
  4. To avoid any potential doctor/patient confidentiality issues and because we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the drug, we will not communicate with the discount house in any form or fashion. It is your responsibility to ensure that the prescription is pedigreed, labeled, and used in a timely and correct manner.

What is Low Level Light Therapy?

  1. Increases ATP synthesis through competitive displacement of mitochondrial Nitric Oxide at the Cytochrome C Oxidase (Cox) receptor sites
  2. Increased circulation locally as a result of #1
  3. A modulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in the direction of greater oxidation, thereby reducing or removing the cause of inflammation
These primary actions lead to a myraid of secondary or downstream cellular responses which are still not completely understood but include:
  1. Improved cell proliferation
  2. Enhancement of neurovascularization
  3. Increased type 1 collagen synthesis
  4. Reduced pain and inflammation
  5. Enhanced lymphatic drainage
  6. Enhanced immune system response


ProHeart 6

6 months of continuous heartworm protection for your dog, peace of mind for you! That's the promise of ProHeart 6. ProHeart 6 is a one time injection every six months so you do not have to worry about remembering to pill month to month. You may request the injection for any dog, it is proven safe for varying sizes and breeds. There is no longer an age restriction or consent form to fill out. If you would like more information or have any questions please give us a call.

The Canine Influenza Vaccine

What is canine influenza?
Canine influenza is a relatively new disease caused by a "flu" virus.
Is it contagious? How does it spread?
It is very contagious and is spread three ways. The first way it can be spread is by direct contact between dogs- licking or nuzzling. The second way is through the air- coughing and sneezing. The third way it is spread is via contaminated surfaces- shared toys or a person picking up the virus on their hands and then petting a dog.
How can I protect my dog from canine influenza?
You can protect your dog by getting the canine influenza vaccine. It is to reduce the severity of influenza and the length of time that a dog is sick. The initial vaccination requires 2 doses given 2-4 weeks apart, followed by annual revaccination.

Sentinel & Interceptor

2015-03-19 08.23.34 pm Sentinel is back in stock! We have recently been able to get the heartworm and flea prevention Sentinel back in. Novartis has brought Interceptor back but we are not carrying it at this time. 


Be aware that the medication used to TREAT heartworm positive dogs is out of production for an unspecified time. Be sure your animal is up to date for their annual heartworm check and remains on heartworm prevention.