recycle-green-arrows Eldorado Animal Hospital is GOING GREEN! recycle-green-arrows

Here are some ways you can help:

1. On your next visit, give us a working e-mail address for e-mail reminders.

This saves paper that would be used for mailing reminder cards.

2. If you are new to us, have your old vet e-mail records instead of faxing them.

We’ll incorporate them into our computer system, rather than printing them out.

3. Have pictures of your pets you want to bring in?

E-mail them and we’ll add them to our virtual slide show that plays in the waiting room!

4. Donate any old or used newspapers, towels, or office supplies. We can always use more!

5. When checking out, let us know if you would like your receipt for your records. The receipt will have a breakdown of the fees and reminders for your pets. This helps us save paper that would have otherwise been discarded.