*Oral Chew* “Bravecto”Bravecto
Kills fleas AND ticks
Protection lasts up to 12 weeks*
Fast-acting flavored chew
Sold by the tablet
vectra dogsVectra 3D -- 25% OFF!
Fast-acting, Protects for 1 month
Flea and Tick Prevention
Remains effective after bathing and swimming
“tritak”Frontline Tritak -- 25% OFF!
Kills adult fleas, ticks, flea eggs and larvae
Provides waterproof effectiveness
Lasts 30 days
Heartworm Prevention and Flea Control Treatment
Hookworm, Roundworm, and Whipworm Treatment
Give one each month, year-round
Heartworm Prevention
Flea and Tick Treatment
Treats and controls ear mites
Treats and controls sarcoptic mange
Heartgard-plus-dogs-2Heartgard Plus
Kills heartworm larvae, roundworms and hookworms
Easy-to-give most dogs eat it right out of your hand
Give one each month, year-round
proheart6ProHeart 6-month Heartworm Prevention Injection
Continuous protection
No monthly doses to remember
Peace of mind
FDA Approved
Heartworm prevention only

Special Diet Food




* Fleas for 12 weeks. Certain ticks only 8 week coverage.